Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bend it like Bendi or maybe Bhindi

Today's meal ideas

1.Rajma bendi
2.Bhenda Sagle

for the bendi
2-3 fists Rajma

Grind together
coconut grated -1 fist
4-5 fried red chilies
tamarind (little more than usual)

Boil rajma in a cooker for a long time,
add salt,boil some more.Add masala to the rajma.
By now you should have the hang of it.Boil some more.

Add 4.5 crushed garlic in oil to the above mixture.

Bhenda Sagle
Grind together
coconut grated -1 fist
4-5 fried red chillis
tamarind (little less than usual)
1 tsp fried coriander seeds in oil
1 tsp fried urad daal in oil

Okra quartered
ginger chopped
onion chopped

In oil add mustard seeds, ginger,onion, okra,add masala,salt and boil
Tip: Above dish can be made with small eggplants instead of okra.

Disclaimer: If you are wondering about the quantities and wondering what is "more than usual" and why use "fists" as measurements, welcome to the world of Konkani cooking and please go with your intution.If you want to flee that is fine too.Konkani cooking is not an exact science ,and sagle with any other ingredient would taste just as good


Blogger Shilpa said...

Hi, Welcome to the blog world :). I am happy to see another Konkani blog here. All the best.

PS:Pls allow non-bloggers to comment on your site.

6:41 PM  
Blogger amchigeli cheli said...

Wow, thanks Shilpa.You are the one with the awesome recipes and photos, right? Thanks for the wishes

10:44 PM  
Blogger Vidya said...

loved the title..keep them coming

5:08 PM  

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