Thursday, May 25, 2006

Veg Pulao and Batata Song

Substance abuse is not good, sometimes for the substance!!

Case in point, the story of the potato.Apparently, the Spanish bought the potato into Europe from Peru.The Irish loved it so much that they ate it right into near extinction, causing the great Potato famine of 1845.Thankfully the Portuguese navigators had the sense to bring the "batata" as it was called in Brazil into India.Whew! what a relief..Doesn't this call for a song?
Incidentally 'batata' is Haitian word for potato too. Now how on earth did the delhiites manage to call it alu?Imagine preserving your name during your travails across the world and the minute you get home, your next door neighbor rechristens you!

Batata Song
4 Potatoes boiled and peeled
2 tomatoes
few cauliflower florets
1 onion chopped

Masala- grind together
4-5 fried red chillies
coconut grated small fist
tamarind ball sized
1 sp coriander seeds

In oil add onions, fry,
add potatoes boiled, some cauliflower, tomatoes, peas
add masala and boil

Vegetable Pulao
Beans julienned
carrots julienned
cauliflower finely chopped
1 onion finely chopped

kaju, kismis
3-4 black pepper
2 cardamom

In ghee fry all the garam masala and the onion,
add beans, carrots,cauliflower, green peas

Mix with cooked rice

Garnish with small bread cubes fried in ghee


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Very intersting post abt alu,batata and potato:)) Learned a lot! Why did you stop posting??!! Come back and tell me more!

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