Friday, August 04, 2006

Sakhre khichdi

Ok, this story has nothing to do with Konkanis , unless Alexander (the Great) came to Mangalore to pick .....Sugarcane! Who knows, stranger things have happened..
Alexander the Great is said to have taken sugarcane from India to the West around 325 B.C.If you don't believe me , see Vajpayee's inaugural speech at the Sugarcane conference.Typically something like this would make u wonder, what macedonians used for sweetening prior to that or how many sugar economies still exist around the world but I couldn't get past the mental image of the Great Alexander holding a sugarcane instead of a sword:-)
Oh, well...

if life gives u sugarcanes make sugar
if life gives u sugar make Sugar khichadi
and of course the precursor to this all... ( if life gives u a sword exchange it for sugarcane!!!!!!)

1 1/2 cups Lapsi ( wheat crushed)
1 fist chana daal
7-8 tbsp Sugar
1 small fist grated coconut
cut cashews, raisins
crushed cardamom powder

boil Lapsi and chana daal separately

boil sugar in water
Add coconut grated to sugar syrup
stir for some time

Add cashews, raisins to sweet sugar/coconut combination

Add boiled dalia and chana daal to above mixture, add 2 spoons ghee

Add crushed cardamom